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Dongguan Huifeng Commercial Co., Ltd. is a member of the IMIA Stamp Industry Association of China and the United States, specializing in the sales of stamp materials, equipment and customized products. Since its establishment in 1998, the company has been committed to promoting the development of the stamp industry and the enterprise itself, making products continuously innovated and improved, and providing customers with all-round solutions from equipment, materials to production technology and after-sales service.


  • Simple flash ink pad
  • Photosensitive seal
  • Self-ink seal stamp
  • Confidentiality rollers seal

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  • What’s photosensitive pad?

    1. The material of photosensitive pad is an elastic plastic made from PP and PE, gray and black. This photosensitive plastic has distributed uniformly and interconnected tiny pores. Common diameter is 5μm~15μm. Photosensitive material is non-toxic and environmental and can be recycled, is also a ...

  • Professional seal customization, standardization, and safety considerations

    The official seal, as a symbol of power, has its special significance. In recent years, there have been some mobile vendors specializing in carving seals on the streets of Fuzhou. As long as you provide the content of the seal, they can quickly hand over a carved seal to you. These vendors not on...

  • Policies, Regulations and Interpretations on the Approval of Engraving Seals

    1、 A brief explanation requires the submission of documents: Each unit applying for the engraving of seals must provide the original and photocopy of the relevant documents, government approvals, and certificates for the establishment of the unit, as well as the original and photocopy of the ID ...

  • Policy and regulatory details

    Engraving seal management A seal is a carrier for national party and government organs, the military, enterprises and institutions (including individual businesses), social organizations, and other organizations to prove their legal qualifications and have legal effect. According to the Provision...

  • Seal Usage Help Details

    Classification and Usage of Company Seals 1、 The main categories of company seals 1. Official seal 2. Financial seal 3. Corporate seal 4. Contract specific seal 5. Invoice special seal 2、 Usage 1. Official seal: Used for the disposal of external affairs of the company, including industry and co...