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Dongguan Huifeng Commercial Co., Ltd. is a member of the IMIA Stamp Industry Association of China and the United States, specializing in the sales of stamp materials, equipment and customized products. Since its establishment in 1998, the company has been committed to promoting the development of the stamp industry and the enterprise itself, making products continuously innovated and improved, and providing customers with all-round solutions from equipment, materials to production technology and after-sales service.


  • Simple flash ink pad
  • Photosensitive seal
  • Self-ink seal stamp
  • Confidentiality rollers seal

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  • The theory of photosensitive material seal making (why photosensitive material is the most efficient seal material)

    Black and gray photosensitive pad is selected to make photosensitive seal. First the composition content of the seal is printed on the transparent paper, then the seal manuscript is printed on transparent paper attached to the photosensitive pad material. They are placed together on the platform ...

  • “Travel stamp” popular again

    Have you ever traveled to a new city or country and looked for those distinctive stamps to put on your passport, diary or postcard as a memento and proof of your trip? If so, you've actually joined the travel stamp. The travel stamp culture originated in Japan and has si...

  • The high-positioning traditional stamp industry is rapidly integrating into the Internet + era

    On the afternoon of July 30, 2016, it was organized by Guangzhou United stamp Industry Association and co-organized by Xeqin Stationery Co., LTD., Shenzhen Baihe stamp Technology Co., LTD., Zhuoda stamp Equipment (Xiamen) Co., LTD., Taiwan Sansheng Xinli Writing Factory ...

  • 2022 Japan stamp Design Awards announced!

    Original national designer Laogong Industrial Design 2022-10-27 23:08 published in Beijing SHACHIHATA is stamp products innovation Design Competition in Japan, "15 th SHACHIHATA New Product Design Competition", the 15th Japanese stamp Design contest with "こ こ ろ を fee...