• “Travel stamp” popular again

    “Travel stamp” popular again

    Have you ever traveled to a new city or country and looked for those distinctive stamps to put on your passport, diary or postcard as a memento and proof of your trip? If so, you've actually joined the travel stamp. The travel stamp culture originated in Japan and has si...
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  • The high-positioning traditional stamp industry is rapidly integrating into the Internet + era

    On the afternoon of July 30, 2016, it was organized by Guangzhou United stamp Industry Association and co-organized by Xeqin Stationery Co., LTD., Shenzhen Baihe stamp Technology Co., LTD., Zhuoda stamp Equipment (Xiamen) Co., LTD., Taiwan Sansheng Xinli Writing Factory ...
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  • 2022 Japan stamp Design Awards announced!

    Original national designer Laogong Industrial Design 2022-10-27 23:08 published in Beijing SHACHIHATA is stamp products innovation Design Competition in Japan, "15 th SHACHIHATA New Product Design Competition", the 15th Japanese stamp Design contest with "こ こ ろ を fee...
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