The official seal, as a symbol of power, has its special significance. In recent years, there have been some mobile vendors specializing in carving seals on the streets of Fuzhou. As long as you provide the content of the seal, they can quickly hand over a carved seal to you. These vendors not only facilitate citizens, but also provide convenience for some lawless individuals to forge seals, greatly reducing the authority of seals.

The reporter learned from the “Interim Management Rules for Printing, Casting, and Engraving Industry” that seal engraving belongs to a “special industry”. Any unit or social organization that carves an official seal needs to report to the public security organs for review and approval. After obtaining the “Engraving Permit”, they can go to a qualified engraving unit for engraving. In addition, when exchanging old seals for new ones to create official seals, the old seals should be collected first and handed over to the Seal Management Center of the Public Security Bureau for destruction; If the seal is lost, it needs to be declared in the newspaper before it can be reissued.

The “black official seal” made by casually finding small stalls is not protected by law, and once a dispute arises, there is no defense. For example, a few years ago, a branch of a construction engineering group in Changsha was falsely accused of counterfeiting its official seal and resorting to bidding to defraud more than 2 million yuan. When facing the victim in court, it was precisely because the company seal was not registered that the group ultimately had to bear partial compensation responsibility.

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Post time: May-23-2024