Classification and Usage of Company Seals

1、 The main categories of company seals

1. Official seal

2. Financial seal

3. Corporate seal

4. Contract specific seal

5. Invoice special seal

2、 Usage

1. Official seal: Used for the disposal of external affairs of the company, including industry and commerce, taxation, banking, and other external affairs that require stamping.

2. Financial seal: Used for issuing company bills, checks, etc. need to be stamped when issued, usually referred to as the bank seal.

3. Corporate seal: Used for specific purposes, the company also needs to affix this seal when issuing bills, usually referred to as the bank seal.

4. Contract specific seal: Literally, it is usually required to be stamped when the company signs a contract.

5. Invoice special seal: It is required to be stamped when the company issues invoices.

3、 Application status of seals

1. If a company does not have a contract specific seal, it can be replaced by an official seal, making the scope of application of the official seal more widespread and the scope of legal effectiveness more extensive.

If a company does not have an invoice special seal, it can be replaced with a financial seal, which will be frequently used in financial work. The frequency of application will be higher, and the preventive measures used should be more detailed.

3. The use of the legal representative seal is more common in specific uses. For example, when a company signs a contract, the contract terms and regulations require both the contract special seal and the legal representative seal to have legal effect. Therefore, the legal representative seal needs to be affixed only under the specific use of the contract terms and regulations, which should be related to the internal control of the enterprise and is not required by the Company Law. Legal representative signature: It is equivalent to a legal representative seal, and one of the two should be chosen. If a legal representative signature is selected, an enterprise does not need to have a legal representative seal. In all specific uses of the legal representative seal, it should be replaced by a legal representative signature. For example, in the case of issuing financial bills, the bank’s small seal naturally becomes a legal representative signature. Let’s talk about the reserved seals for banks. Personally, I believe that a large seal can only be a financial seal, while a small seal can be a legal representative seal and a legal representative signature. Of course, the signature of key personnel in the enterprise can also be reserved as a bank seal, such as the general manager.

4. The use of a special contract seal requires an understanding of the type of contract in Contract Law. Before using this chapter, one should carefully read the contract terms. If this chapter is stamped, the contract will have legal effect. Therefore, the use of this chapter should focus on the signing terms of the contract.

5. The use of the invoice special seal does not require excessive panic, as even if another company’s invoice is stamped with your company’s invoice seal, it has no legal effect. Due to the fact that the tax system once entered the invoice number into the company’s tax control card when selling invoices, the invoice seal was only stamped after the invoice was issued.

4、 Management and Internal Control Prevention of Seals

1. The management of official seals is usually managed by the legal or financial departments of the company, as these two departments have a lot of external affairs such as the Industrial and Commercial Taxation Bank.

2. The management of financial seals is usually managed by the company’s finance department, and there are many invoices issued.

3. The management of the legal representative seal is usually managed by the legal representative, or by another person authorized by the finance department who is not compatible with the position.

4. The management of contract specific seals is usually managed by the company’s legal or financial department, and of course, an approval form must be attached, which must be stamped with the consent of all relevant personnel.

5. The management of invoice special seals is usually managed by the finance department.

Post time: May-21-2024