• Six in one flash stamp/Multi-sided flash stamp
  • Six in one flash stamp/Multi-sided flash stamp
  • Six in one flash stamp/Multi-sided flash stamp

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A flash stamp with a hexahedral structure, six different designs can be made from the one stamp.

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This is a rectangular structure of the product, composed of six planes, each surface can make an imprinted pattern, easy to carry, does not take up space, there are six functions of one thing.
The external material of the stamp is ABS environmental protection material, which has the advantages of small odor, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to burn, etc., and the user has more sense of security.
The internal material is Simple flash foam pad, stable performance, fine surface, uniform opening, moderate inking time, and good repeated oil filling performance. Clear exposure, no white edge, high surface melt layer strength, durable wear, upgrade melt layer thickness and density make the seal surface more black, brighter, no slow penetration leakage ink, seal effect is extraordinary.


The product has a wide range of uses, which can be used for teachers' homework correction, confirmation information, interesting messages, etc., effectively improve learning and work efficiency.Applicable to the teachers, parents, students, and logistics, finance, management, personnel from all walks of life.
At present, the largest group using the six in one flash stamp is students and teachers, for calligraphy practice, learning, correction, etc. Teachers can just customize exclusive content, give different encouragement patterns and words in the process of teaching, so that the whole teaching process is more interesting.
Of course, finance, logistics and other industries need different forms of seals, such a six in one flash stamp is also a very good choice.


Shell size:38*38*38mm
Imprint size:6/14*14mm
Shell material: ABS environmental protection material
Suitable for: over 3 years old
Imprinting content: According to the design content provided by customers, the shell and imprinting color can be customized in different colors, making it a customer's exclusive product.

Display drawing

six in one flash stamp 1
six in one flash stamp 2
six in one flash stamp 3

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