• Lizao customized number stamp/ number rubber stamp
  • Lizao customized number stamp/ number rubber stamp

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Customizable number rubber belt stamp.

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1.Feel smooth and comfortable
The handle of the number stamp is made of red hat, and the flexible synthetic material makes you feel comfortable; Compact, stylish, streamlined design is more pleasing to the eye; Superior humanized product structure makes you more convenient to use and maintain.
2.High quality plastic gear
High quality plastic gear, durable, rotating gear can be mobilized to the required number or symbol, the number is diverse, the size is changeable, the size can be customized according to requirements. Made by professional and technical staff to ensure product quality, so that the stamp imprint is clear and durable.
3.Strong metal frame
Strong steel frame structure, service life of up to tens of thousands of times, durable, not easy to break, no rust, light weight, easy to use portable.
4.Oil resistant rubber belt
Made of natural rubber molded, the rubber belt interface is not easy to break, flexible and durable, and the imprint is clear. With high-quality gear, the rotation is very easy and effortless.
5.Customize content
According to the content provided by customers, including words, numbers, symbols in different languages, the required length or width of the belt is made, and a complete belt seal is installed. Different metal frames are made according to different widths, belt lengths and belts to meet the needs of customers to the maximum extent.


Professional modification required belt content, such as words, numbers, letters and symbols of different sizes of stamps. The characters and font size can be made according to the needs of customers, suitable for date number stamp, batch, number and other regular changes of the stamp. no matter what kind of stamp the customer needs, we can make it.

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Lizao customized digital stamp (2)
Lizao customized digital stamp 3 (1)
Lizao customized digital stamp 3 (2)
Lizao customized digital stamp 3 (3)

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