• Golf self-inking dater/Golf self-inking date and text stamp
  • Golf self-inking dater/Golf self-inking date and text stamp

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Extra small self-inking date stamp/self-inking double date stamp

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The self-inking stamp is a kind of strong seal holder with built-in ink pad. When used, the seal automatically reverses and covers the printing table. It is a kind of high quality and high-grade seal, with clear imprint, stable structure, strong and durable, replaceable ink pad, and its convenience and durability are favored by banks, hospitals and other units.
The self-inking stamp are also divided into text stamp, date/date+text, number/number+text. Golf self-inking dater using ABS material, non-slip rubber belt, make the seal more stable, more clear, gear design can adjust the date, adjustable 12 years, longer service life.
Suitable for the use of date or date + text industry, handle grip comfortable, easy to adjust the date, smooth seal. Date function can meet all kinds of seal needs, can be engraved product batch number, inspection, factory date, expiration date, name + date, double date or double date + text can be used from the production date to the expiration date.
1. Made of high quality material, comfortable to use, durable and hard wearing
2. Ink pad can only be inserted in one direction, makes sure the imprint quality will remains perfect after refill.
3. Matching blank label and double sided tape are available, makes it more user-friendly.


1, The light cover increases this model's portability, The belt rotates smoothly, and the word grain is obviously convex and convex to make the impression clear.
2, the built-in ink pad can be taken out at any time to add the printing oil, recycling.
3,The smallest self-inking date stamp. Stamps the date with day/month/year or month/day/year or year/month/day. The year band is valid for 12 years.
4. The date can be adjusted and the font format or size can be customizable.

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