• Five-line and six-line staff roller stamp

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This is a stamp that assists in music creation, allowing you to express the thoughts in your head anytime, anywhere.

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The capsule shape design is small and easy to carry, and the same shell can make two different roller seals. The product adopts concave and convex edge design to strengthen the friction between the cap and the hand, and facilitate the removal of the cap. The top of the cap is a flat design, which can be placed on the desktop. One end of the product is a five-line imprint, and the other end is a six-line imprint.
The external material of the stamp is ABS environmental protection material, which has the advantages of small odor, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to burn, etc., and the user has more sense of security.
The internal material is Simple flash foam pad, stable performance, fine surface, uniform opening, moderate inking time, and good repeated oil filling performance. Clear exposure, no white edge, high surface melt layer strength, durable wear, upgrade melt layer thickness and density make the seal surface more black, brighter, no slow penetration leakage ink, seal effect is extraordinary.
Of course, this is only a finished stamp, customers can also customize different contents according to this shell for other ways. For example, identity protection roller stamp, calligraphy practice lines and so on


Special inks: water-based ink
Cover design: open when not in use, close when not in use, to avoid the loss of the cover and printing oil volatilization.
Oil injection: stamp surface


Shell size:67*30mm
Shell material: ABS environmental protection material,simple flash foam.
Suitable for: over 3 years old
Imprinting content: According to the design content provided by customers, the shell and imprinting color can be customized in different colors, making it a customer's exclusive product.

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five-line and six-line staff Roller stamp 1
five-line and six-line staff Roller stamp 2
five-line and six-line staff Roller stamp 3
five-line and six-line staff Roller stamp 4

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