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SHACHIHATA is stamp products innovation Design Competition in Japan, "15 th SHACHIHATA New Product Design Competition", the 15th Japanese stamp Design contest with "こ こ ろ を feeling じ る し る し" can feel the heart of the stamps as the theme. This competition by Nakamura Yugo, Hara Kenya, Fukazawa Naoto, Misawa Haru as the competition judges.

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There were 975 entries in the competition, and 8 winning entries were selected. Let's take a look!

01、Yellow duck mark

Design: MiaoJingYi, zou Hu

The little yellow duck is a microcosm of most people's childhood, including that unforgettable "quack" sound. The stamp is based on a small yellow duck, which makes a "quack quack" sound when the name is printed. Every time I print my name, it is a special experience, accompanied by memories of my childhood.

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Design: Shingo Horie, Riori Guatada

A stamp for the purpose of "decorative background". Close to white tones, black concentration is only "5%" or so, the color will not be very prominent, creating a calm atmosphere in the background.

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Design by Hirohito Tsukamoto

Happy "ヤ バ い!!" And happy "ヤ バ い w", in time of trouble "ヤ バ い......" . People often use "ヤ バ い" this word to express their feelings. The stamp reiterates the multiple meanings of the inner feelings, represents the nuances, and hopes to express the inner intuition.

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04、Trace tape stamp

Design: Hiroshi Tanaka, Minning Misawa, Yosuke Wakata

When the tape is opened, the tape will leave unexpected patterns and traces, even in the process of ripping the tape will produce a little surprise and excitement, making the original boring tape tearing interesting!

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05、Apology stamp

Design: Do Chunlang, Ota Zhuang

The apology stamp is a kind of correction stamp that gently conveys the intention to apologize. And as a tool to convey feelings with funny patterns, while expressing the mood of the other party's apology, the other party can also smile to lighten the atmosphere.

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Design by Jiori Matsuoka

This is a stamp design that can be held in a variety of ways, by making it thinner, it has more stable places in the hand to clip, hold and pinch it, and the shape is easy to see the direction and check the slope of the stamp easily while holding.

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07、Stamps coexist with stationery

Design by Atsuhiko Uchikai

Stamp design that seamlessly co-exists with other stationery such as pens and scissors.

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08、Graduation stamp

Design by Makoto Hata

Design your own graduation stamp as a graduation memorial, to understand the history and culture of the stamp, to think about the original design of the mark, to visit the manufacturing factory, to complete a stamp. Learn, create and use it, and give it a heart.

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