• Stock text Stamp/Teacher’s stamp
  • Stock text Stamp/Teacher’s stamp
  • Stock text Stamp/Teacher’s stamp
  • Stock text Stamp/Teacher’s stamp

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A business office seal, a fun stamp for teachers or parents.

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This universal text stamp is made of high-quality, environmentally friendly plastic, with a clear window at the top for the label, and a matte feel that allows the lid to be easily removed while in use without sliding during use.
The shell color is selected fresh and natural tones (white, light green, beige), with bright imprinting such as red, pink, orange, green, so that users feel happy and relaxed.
1.Easy to use
Easily remove the bottom cover to seal. The top design is transparent window, which can place the label of the seal content, easy to distinguish.
2.Clear mark
Combined with Simple brand composite photosensitive pad, the imprinting is clearer without deformation and the ink storage performance is stronger. The maximum imprint of this stamp is 11mm*33mm, and the size of the text content of the design is clearly visible.
3.A comfortable grip
The handle is ergonomically sized and matte, so it can be gently held and not slide
4.Oil filling is more convenient
The first production can be stamped more than 1000 times, and the oil injection hole is reserved to make the second refueling easier and more convenient.
You can also add oil directly from the surface of the stamp.
5.Support custom designs
Provides a variety of common text stamps, such as PAID,COPY,URGENT,DRAFT and so on ,Support OEM


The fun stamp used by teachers or parents uses fresh shell colors and rich color imprinting to make users feel happier and more interesting. This seal is currently designed to be sold in a combination of 8 contents. The printed content is suitable for teachers' daily use, or you can customize seals with different contents and colors.

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