Black and gray photosensitive pad is selected to make photosensitive seal.
First the composition content of the seal is printed on the transparent paper, then the seal manuscript is printed on transparent paper attached to the photosensitive pad material. They are placed together on the platform of the photosensitive machine’s flash tube. When starting the photosensitive machine the light from the photosensitive machine will shine on the photosensitive material with the imprint. The surface of the photosensitive material is gray and black so it will be converted into heat after absorbing light.The light will melt the surface of the photosensitive material to form a barrier film. The text content on the transparent paper will hinder light and heat from melting the photosensitive material to protect the entirety of the photosensitive material’s character. The photosensitive material that adheres to the text content of the seal pattern will be photosensitive. It retains photosensitive pores of attaching pattern and text, forms a film similar to silk screen printing, displays seal mode after adding ink.

The theory of photosensitive sea
1.Print the content of the seal composition on transparent paper
transparent paper

2. Attach the printed seal onto the photosensitive pad material and put it together into the photosensitive machine.
photosensitive pad
transparent paper
photosensitive machine(exposure lamp)
Start the photosensitive machine and the lamp exposes onto the photosensitive material with printed membrane attached.
through the transparent paper
melt the surface to form a barrier surface
The content of the seal on transparent paper blocks the melting of light and heat,
remaining the content of photosensitive seal pad has pores and oil leak.

Post time: May-16-2024